Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A White Guy Talks About Racism

Racism is not something fabricated by the media. It may have been exploited by the media but I witness first hand on a regular basis. It seems that since I'm a white male, other people in my demographic feel like it's ok to say racist and misogynistic things to me. But it's not ok. That's never ok.

The sentiment I am getting from some other white men is that they believe they are becoming minorities and will soon be at a disadvantage. To that I say, so be it. Hasn't the system been run by white men with money for long enough? Maybe we need a taste of our own medicine. Maybe we need to learn what it's like to be oppressed. Maybe we need to learn more about sacrificing what we have for others.

Here are some recent, real life, first hand examples of racism I have encountered:

1. A man told me, in reference to President Obama that, he "was surprised nobody shot that n****r."

2. A woman told me to contact -HER- "Mexican Boy" who was actually an older latino gentleman with grandchildren.

These are only a couple examples of recent interactions but this is a regular occurrence, there are many more. Other common things said or in regards to a) 'women being inferior and only exist for the satisfaction of their male superiors' b) people suggesting that we should annihilate the middle eastern countries (which is called genocide by the way), c) people referring to disabled people as 'retards' or suggesting that they are inbred, and d) referring to people in poverty as 'lazy' and 'freeloaders'.

I feel disgusting even typing these things. It's time for us middle class white men to let someone else take the wheel. It's time we stop standing in front of our oppressed brothers and sisters and start standing behind them to support them as they let their voice be heard. We have been in control long enough.